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LOCATION: Where did the 1200 guys die.

Image sequence first showed an open field [to the east] and then bodies laid out on a road [perhaps Spafford Road] to the west of the field - I don't think we saw an intersection [which would conceptually have been with Concord Trail].

FORT BENNING. Map shows Spafford Road, Concord Trail, Concord Observation Post [they had a command post somewhere and that would have been as good a place as any], and Concord Landing Strip the other side of Buena Vista.

Pine Knot Creek in Chattahoochee County if 'mass death' involves the sheriff's department.

Getting this stuff onto the web has required a huge effort, and you should know we are not supported in our efforts to address this situation. At this point it very much appears President Bush and Senator Clinton are working with the Asian surveillance and threat mechanisms FOR WHATEVER REASON[S] [I do not claim for their own gain - just that point blank they are, and I assume they have 'interests in common'] to suppress awareness versus people like Secretary Rumsfeld, Vice President Cheney, and the old 'Rehnquist faction' who labor to make this public, though new leadership of that latter group has not yet been made apparent. Bush and Clinton have had 'a lock' on the market and must see 'your education' as somehow threatening to them or their situational dominance.


October 20 2006 we were informed the government undertook the movement of a humanoid lizard figure into the White House during a bomb scare at Union Station thought to have been in August 2006,
with possible validation [peripheral validation?] both in the sequence in which our source told us,
and in the proximity of a surveillance figure to the source [the surveillance figure was anxious to be documented on it].

More-or-less informally tracking the emergent American religious paradigm, there is a distinct possibility this figure may be the 'anti-Christ,' who is evidently working with George Bush to define 'the select' and by default the 'not selected'.

Some question about whether the figure has 'the knowledge of God without the power of God' or what might be called a 'guru capability' - this could go multi-national [and should be brought out of CIA classifications], but also note the Dalai Lama has been significantly discredited by Bryan Adrian in terms of eating bloody meat and being otherwise weak in faith. The people 'you're counting on' have basically sold out [at least in the Administration], and we should be looking to put an entirely new team on the field. This came up in caucus meetings immediately before the Senate went into recess and they didn't act. Now we pay for their inaction, with Bush getting cocky as he runs around diminishing the Republican re-election campaigns and generally degrading our democracy in conspiracy with Senator Clinton [and the only funny thing about that is it's true. Bush IS in conspiracy and IS intentionally diminishing the Republican effort].

Report is of a physical figure and not a trapped energy field, and on Oct. 20th would have been about two and a half or no more than three months in the White House if this is the first visit.

POSSIBLE Precursor

Happier days - pictured with hands - in Buenos Aires.

"The planned move will end a relatively uneventful period of more than a decade for the beleaguered cadaver of Juan Perón, who died in 1974, about 22 years after Evita died. His body was last disinterred in the late 1980s after authorities discovered that thieves had broken into the mausoleum and -- for reasons unknown -- had cut off his hands and stolen them."
Plan to Move Juan Perón's Grave Brings Out Emotions in Argentina, By Monte Reel, Washington Post Foreign Service, September 16, 2006; Page A13 [with at least conceptual fighting between trade unions reported during move, October 18 2006].

Exactly when were Juan Peron's hands stolen, and, for the sake of the argument, if a body is 'long time dead filled with embalming fluid,' which parts are least likely to decay? There is actually a book on the theft, written by Claudio Negrete called Las Manos de Peron or The Hands of Peron; until we're able to review that book we can only note some sources say the theft was in 1980 while others say July of 1987 - perhaps important in dating any 'reanimation' activity.

'Theft of the hands' or other incidents in grave robbing could be a precursor - the next data point we look at was definitely late 1990s or November/December 2000.

We think it happened on Spafford 'Road' - if you would call it that - at Gallups Millpond, north of the Concord Observation Post, with the bodies evaced out via the Concord Landing Strip on the other side of Buena Vista Road. That last part is the part we're not sure about but its the most important part or anyway of great interest; evacuation - where did they cut the bodies up and what did they use to do it. Maybe they cut them up in a VA Hospital, and if the parts were left for reconditioning in the basement of the Skull & Bones lodge in New Haven would the hospital also tend to be in New England or did they cart this stuff around in an administrative cluster****. Twelve hundred dead bodies are a lot of dead bodies - they must have been somehow bundled on pallets and fork lifted. They left Benning okay, but then it turned into a cluster****. The landing strip is supposed to be 900 feet long and paved but in poor condition per a brief entry in a map collection on Fort Benning circa 1976.

Bryan Adrian is a researcher in the adroid versus nematode paradigm, which immediately figured in the murder. 'Awareness of his ground breaking work' probably expedited presentation of the 'image sequence' schematically shown below.

'A lot' of people - 1200 soldiers which might be more than one battalion - were betrayed and killed and their bodies wrapped in plastic to be subsequently 'segmented' in anticipation of reconditioning and utilization in an android function.

We think [but are not certain]:
1. It was in December and they were coming out of AIT or advanced individual training[it definitely was late fall or winter with trees bare]; if it wasn't December 2000 then at some other point in winter late 1990s.

2. The soldiers were 11 Charlie Infantry unassigned to a permanent unit [but as recruits avoiding a problem in moving large numbers of people out of government owned housing for instance; also, as 11 Charlie Infantry they would have been all male].

3.Fairly sure it happened at Fort Benning trending toward Marion County Georgia or the east side of the reservation,
noting our big clue is deciduous rather than coniferous growth which led us to revisit that issue [it almost certainly was Benning but we keep an open mind].

4. The immediate landmark is/was two abandoned vehicles which are probably well known to anyone who served in the area,
and so many bodies were involved it would have been a daunting task to 'double handle them' or load them on to Army trucks before unloading and reloading them onto 'over the road' semi trailors, noting there is a railroad line bisecting the reservation or, while it sounds extreme, the bodies could have been airlifted out by helicopter in turn suggesting a fair number of 'permanent party' soldiers were aware of the situation].

4. The deaths may have been reflected in media references to emergent or potential conflicts in Latin America [real or contrived], effectively spreading out the delivery of death notices to the families, particularly if some 'Special Forces' scenario had been used to justify lack of communication.

5. If the betrayal happened in late 2000, the situation might reflect the generals or command structure attempting to transition dominance across civilian administrations.
Following the election of 1992 and in January 1993 an Air Force Base in the American West went on alert - thought to be the base at Rapid City South Dakota with the advanced spy planes Clinton then gave to the United Nations presumably as an eventual consequence of the mobilizations [he didn't just forget about it], and which Bush evidently tried [and failed] to grab back in the BRAC process by relocating them down to Texas with the B-1 bomber unit. That relocation was averted which is difficult to evaluate; Thune, a young United States Senator from South Dakota, is implanted with a CIA MKULTRA Subproject 119-legacy neuroprosthetic, and it is not clear why he would have been implanted if there was any real chance that unit was subsequently going to be relocated. More generally, it is difficult to see passed that adverse 'alert' or mobilization at the very beginning of the Clinton Administration in evaluating the sacrifice of December 2000 at the very end of the Clinton Administration.
In short, we do not know either event was strictly speaking 'official business' or widely recognized as legitimate in the military command structure, but rather may have reflected 'Council on Foreign Relations'-type communication with individuals in the command structure who simply had the capability [as opposed to any authorization] to pull it off.

Perspective on that in applied political science: it is possible or even likely one or more soldiers were permitted to escape - one footprint was shown in a wetlands environment - and in other matters a 'reciprocity concept' has demanded information be disseminated, entering the gray area of quasi-legitimate action [very much 'rule of force' rather than 'rule of law'] which in turn serves as a 'force multiplier' to the extent remaining secret equates to participation in the conspiracy.
The significance of that footprint was upgraded with the possibility the action was not at Benning, and briefly made Fort Stewart attractive.

We subsequently speculate the Special Forces were involved, in turn 'legitimizing' the conceptual flight of the survivor. In reality, late 1990s the survivor was almost certainly implanted and they could have tracked him from a remote location; they almost certainly did track him that way as the immediate 'hot pursuit' elements were in time withdrawn [additionally serving as a 'training device' or leveraging the situation within Special Forces], and in time its most likely the individual grew to realize they had been implanted.

Following are drawings representing image sequences induced on 07 Sept 2006 and 11 Sept 2006 [9/11 2006].
The objective is to reenforce the claims of any survivors,
disseminate awareness as a prevention measure, and
incentivize / legitimize opposition.

The Pentagon has been developing and deploying a domestic installation security structure which may figure into this type of scenario or a larger 'overview' designation.

Double click images for single enlargement; use 'expansion icon' to enlarge again.

PLEASE NOTE: the 'top' of the 'key' is looking west along Spafford Road rather than north which may be confusing.

The wrap of the plastic - not body bags - was neat and uniform with 'tuck' at the head and feet like they laid the person down on the plastic, rolled two or three times, folded the extra plastic at the top and bottom of the roll along the body to prevent leakage or seepage, and then rolled a bunch more times until the plastic bundle was opaque - you couldn't see the body in it. They presumably taped the plastic down at the end but no tape was readily apparent - alternately, they may have folded the plastic into a seam somehow. The larger issue was whether or not the wrapping - and handling - is included in a corpsmans MOS training, and whether its possible to trace people by cross indexing with staff at the stockade [who would remain on post at Christmas anyway] or hospital.

Special Forces B-Team might have been involved - could explain the plastic as opposed to routine body bags.

Another question is the low field cots. Who would have that many low field cots [are they now common in the Army?]. Alternately, the cots [elevating the bodies in December presumably let them uniformly cool] might have come from FEMA, suggesting the human sacrifice was really an interagency effort in coordination.

We think this view is looking essentially north out of a helicopter taking off and flying west along Spafford 'Road.'

The rendering is in no way to scale. There were A LOT of bodies - how many rows by how many rows? The cots were lined up at least six and maybe eight across x [unknown but A LOT][Revised October 2006 to 10 rows across x 120]. Blurred in the distance.
A problem is that training battalions are typically big in the summer with Army National Guardsmen and graduating high school kids in either the basic or AIT phase of the split training option, and small in the winter. If it was a single battalion, it was big for a training battalion in the winter.

We may be able to work back somewhat from that. Either somebody had them pack their gear in duffles [and it isn't clear why they would have gone into the woods once the duffles were packed in preparing to leave the post] or a unit dropped through the quarters and pulled their stuff after they were dead. Were uniforms held and sent home at some point after that - when the guys were declared dead, did the Army just pull the clothing back into stores, or did the Army sell it surplus [if they sold it surplus would you see a spike in the availability, or would they parcel it out bit by bit].
Field gear at least used to be issued on a supply sheet numbered T/A 50 and was hence called T/A 50; we don't know if they turned in their T/A 50 or if another group [either permanent party 76 Yankee military or civilian employee of the Army] had to sort that out. Civilian employees of the Army are often jerks who might remember having to sort out a battalion's worth of T/A 50 at Christmas six years ago, though the Army probably swore the supervisor to secrecy.

No weapons or gear was visible in the image sequences.

The map of city boulevard in the style common from the late 1800's to maybe the 1920s or 1930s was the first image in the sequence, pausing in the end on a square building which is not a hospital. Originally this was thought to have been where the bodies went, and for that reason it is shown here after the field images, but it is also possible [and increasingly probable] this was the location the orders issued from and hence it was shown at the beginning of the sequence.

Visual indicators apart from the image sequence[s] suggest Yale [University in New Haven Connecticut, the location of Rob Simmons [House of Representatives R-Ct] Military Intelligence Detachment] which may in turn refer to Skull & Bones - the fraternity of both George W. Bush and Senator Kerry.

Special Forces are famously used in duplicitous assignments. Initially one assumption was that the battalion were trainees simply thrown together luck [or rather bad luck] of the draw, but a more complex undercurrent may yet be discovered.
Was there a quality issue in the nature of the sacrifice - we thought they were small town 'outcrowd' or dropout regects, but it is equally possible these were prime candidates harvested at the peak of ripeness.
Could it have been a Special Forces trainee battalion - they complete basic and AIT in one fourteen block stint at Benning, the families anticipate their being sent into hostile areas [late 1990s or 2000], and both 7th Special Forces at Bragg and 20th Special Forces [National Guard] Birmingham Ala have Latin American exposure.

How long has this type of thing gone on. One indicator:


Really liked [renderings]....

It was hauntingly similar to a[n image sequence I had] along those same lines about 20 years ago, involving my father [CIA pilot 1950s to the Iran Contra-era and trainer of Korean pilots, including the aptly designated Flt. 007].

I was in a Cessna glider with my dad and my mom and my sister.

All of a sudden he landed us on a military airstrip and not a tree lined civilian one.

There was lots of gunfire all around, on ground and in the air.

My mom held my hand to reassure me that all would be well.

When we touched down, I saw about the same number of dead soldiers, American, as you depicted.....

My father made a sinister grin and did something and all the dead soldiers sprang back to life, but without a soul..... one of the 10 most important [image sequences] of my life. Unforgettable.

Hope you are well. Did you get the extra tee-shirt, with the smiling young Georgian [ex-Soviet Republic] bare breasted widow....


Twenty years ago was mid-1980s and the basic scenario may be supported in other types of media publication.
Here of course there is curiosity about how the battalion was killed. It could have been at night as they slept in tents, with [favored] sergeants being withdrawn or [unfortunate or disfavored sergeants] being additionally inserted. Special Forces gliding through the shadows could have a selectivity characteristic absent in wider chemical/NBC or radiation applications [particularly if certain tents were marked for bypass]; in turn that would presumably expand the number of locations the incident could have taken place.
Broad - overt - chemical/NBC or radiation exposure might be additionally anticipated to require an artillery range impact area [march the troops onto the range and then kill them] - not a large, conspicuous feature on Fort Benning [single detailed map book circa 1976].

The deliberate human sacrifice here has a 'cause and effect' relationship with the attacks of 9/11. A conservative movement saw a need to unify the nation and move forward on a new trajectory [not surprisingly] essentially hijacked in many respects by George W. Bush in the restriction of civil rights for example.
Call the movement factionalized.
The problem with condemning the outcome [the 9/11 attacks were undeniably unfortunate] is that on a previous occasion - perhaps the last time we reached a human sacrifice/collaboration nexus - in 1979 at Dulce New Mexico, 7 doctors and their families disappeared, about 40 Americans from various services and agencies died, and United States got some new technologies [apparently including nine or so flying saucers] but a CIA effort which included Peter Bourne, Allard Lowenstein, Sam Brown Jr., and Richard Celeste brought AIDS to Africa.
The attacks of 9/11 were stunning and bad, but world-wide approximately 8,000 people died of AIDS on that day [apparently figured by taking the yearly total and averaging - nobody attempted to individually count the AIDS fatalities of September 11th 2001].

'The Jews', 'the CIA', 'the Japanese' or more literally what is a 'unified Asian surveillance and threat mechanism in Washington D.C.' We know the CIA is factionalized and they can't all be equally deep in conspiracy; not every Japanese is uniformly familiar with corruption in the construction industry or American attempts to enter that market. Other side of the coin - if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem; Jewish people not otherwise familiar with the surveillance and torture of Dennis Sweeney by a bunch of New York Jews led by Allard Lowenstein across the 1970s [ultimately a precursor to an attack on Jimmy Carter and AIDS] have apparently remained silent even after they knew it was true.

At least in the 1980s children were being sold/kidnapped into sexual slavery with talk of auctions and one verified case; everybody 'outside' the community assumes if it was true there would be people on the 'inside' who weren't criminally involved in the matter calling the police about it. That hasn't happened; there is surprising unity in invidious activity even in the absence of a realistic immediate threat. John DeCamp, an attorney in Nebraska is a leadership figure in opposition or reform, while Hunter S. Thompson is credibly said to have been involved.
In that sense Bryan Adrian represents an overview perspective and your awareness is very much appreciated.

America's number one foreign policy priority should be recovering the approximately 2,000 Vietnam era POWs left behind in Southeast Asia. While the sacrifice of the battalion will never be 'diminished' - it was and is asinine - recovering those POWs will be making the best of a bad situation and moving forward in what has become a truly unified history.


Double click images for single enlargement; use 'expansion icon' to enlarge again.

Some indicators suggest a super secret 'spy plane' was developed and manufactured as a piggyback rider on the endlessly over budget B-1B program, perhaps with common features in a prefabricated landing gear for example.
This blogspot looks at the betrayal and slaughter of an Army battalion perhaps with radiation. The B1-B is the Lancer; the neutron warhead was configured for the Lance ROCKET [no guidance system vulnerability issue]; the names may not be related but it's an interesting coincidence.
Of course a spy plane at Ellsworth does not prove the slaughter of a battalion at Benning or wherever it was, but one footnote:
Northwest has surprise stopover; [Fourth Edition], The Associated Press. Seattle Times. Seattle, Wash.: Jun 21, 2004. pg. A.2
ST. PAUL, Minn. A Northwest Airlines flight that was headed to Rapid City, S.D., landed a few miles off course at Ellsworth Air Force Base, and passengers had to wait in the plane for more than three hours while the crew was interrogated.
Passengers on Northwest Flight 1152, an Airbus A-319 from St. Paul, expected to be welcomed to Rapid City Regional Airport on Saturday, but after about five minutes they were told to close their window shades and not look out, passenger Robert Morrell said.
"He (the pilot) hemmed and he hawed and he said, `We have landed at an Air Force base a few miles from the Rapid City airport and now we are going to figure out how we're going to get from here to there,' " Morrell told the St. Paul Pioneer Press by cellphone during the delay.
The captain and first officer were replaced by a different Northwest crew for the short hop to the municipal airport.
Northwest confirmed that the crew made an "unscheduled landing."
"The situation is under review, and we have nothing further to add," Northwest spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch said. He would not identify the cockpit crew, or say if the pilot made an error.
Ellsworth controls all air space 40 miles around the base and clears landings at both the civilian airport and the base.
Rapid City's civilian-airport runway is "just over the hill" from Ellsworth Air Force Base, and the Northwest crew had to descend through a layer of clouds, said a base spokeswoman, Lt. Christine Millette.

That incident looks like it was an 'orchestrated' mitigation effort, presumably commensurate to the desired exposure but anyway well within the capabilities of government security agencies. They're broadcasting - they are trying to unify; the public is so relentlessly educated against it, however, that effort is probably futile.

Credit to the website 'Predator: The Hunted.'

Predator was a 1987 movie starring Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both of whom later ran for - and won - public office.
It introduced technology concepts which are currently emergent - 'cloaking' or making invisible by bending light as a generational progression beyond 'stealth technologies' designed to diminish the effectivity of remote monitoring capabilities - and the emergence of course tends to lend the movie an aspect of credibility.

We have problematic relationships that need to be recognized - explicitly - and addressed; this website argues conceptual terrorism in the Middle East is not one of the significant ones, and action movies do not cut it as an education process.

The 'Predator' was a seemingly humanoid creature [massive and strong, and by our standards ugly with a crab face] that hunted as an aspect of a structured social hierarchy. We tend to look at a much broader spectrum of activity and life forms [out to and including an atmospheric plasma structure in between the Van Allen belts],
but our ultimate argument is that there is a prohibitive cost associated with misrepresenting the basic 'if not crowded at least busy' universe paradigm,
individuals are utilizing the underlying realities for personal gain and to project and maintain 'situational dominance' in essentially corrupt ways [effectively racketeering],
and the desired outcomes - a more 'religious' or outwardly focused society with many fewer abortions for example - could probably be realized as an eventual outcome of the education process WITHOUT the lies and manipulation.

AIDS was developed by the CIA [MKULTRA Subproject 110 MKNAOMI supported by Subproject 78 BIO LABS - internal project A5 - and MKDELTA with a cople others] and brought to Africa by Allard Lowenstein in 1979;
he enhanced the effectivity of the disease by seating Mugabe as head of the government in what was then at least a medium wealthy Rhodesia rapidly becoming the impoverished Zimbabwe.
25 million +/- dead.
This website discusses a specific instance in which the United States government engaged in human sacrifice - roughly 1,200 soldiers murdered as a group at Fort Benning Georgia in the 1990s.
Not only did they die, but their deaths were adroitly leveraged by power players in what is an increasingly undemocratic process bringing shame at best and 'escalating repression' at worst upon us. 'It hasn't stopped there' but is being utilized as a driver in ways that are hugely harmful to our society; a government expansion intended to further 'tiered' slavery or servitude with the size of the lobbying community virtually doubling in five years - under a conceptually Republican Administration - to defend the government expansion.
This website equally faults George H.W./George W. Bush, James A. Baker III and Bill and Hillary Clinton, while very much supporting Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for making the best of difficult cards.

CIA goes back to the trough in transportation [infrastucture] orchestration; this was actually previous to the Ellsworth visit.

3 airliners forced to make emergency landings at SeaTac; [Final Edition]
Sarah E. Richards, Joshua Robin. Seattle Times. Seattle, Wash.: Aug 1, 2000. pg. B.5
John Woltjer had just settled into seat 36G on Northwest Airlines Flight 34 to Amsterdam when he heard several loud pops. He immediately knew something was wrong.

Thousands of feet below, Arvene Frick was enjoying a glass of ice tea with his wife on their Auburn porch. He looked up and saw huge flames shooting from the tail of the DC-10.
"It scared the bejesus out of us," said Frick, one of many people on the ground who saw the plane's engine on fire. "We were scared the tail was going to fall off."
The plane's tail engine had blown out, forcing pilots to dump about 200,000 pounds of fuel and return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for an emergency landing, said Bob Parker, Port of Seattle spokesman.

It was one of three emergency landings yesterday at Sea-Tac.
"It was a white-knuckle experience," said Woltjer, a contractor from Tacoma, who was traveling to Nice, France, on Northwest Flight 34. "My heart was in my throat, but they kept reassuring us."
The flight's crew had told passengers that an engine had failed, but that the plane could fly on its two remaining engines.
Woltjer praised the way the crew handled the incident, keeping the 249 people on board calm and informed.
Pilots spent about 20 minutes jettisoning the fuel. It's dangerous to land an aircraft with full tanks, so pilots had to get rid of it. At high altitudes, the fuel evaporates, Parker said.
The plane touched down safely at 2:35 p.m., about 50 minutes after it departed Sea-Tac, Parker said.
"They did a masterful job. Nobody was panicked," Woltjer said.
The passengers were transferred to another flight, Parker said.

In a separate incident 10 minutes later, Continental Airlines Flight 123 from Newark, N.J., with 154 passengers on board had to make an emergency landing because the Boeing 737 was having problems with one of its flaps. Pilots radioed ahead for emergency crews to stand by, but the plane landed safely, Parker said.
And shortly before 8 p.m., an Alaska Airlines MD-80 made an emergency landing after one of its two main generators shut off.
Flight 384, with 99 people on board, was about 35 miles south of Seattle en route to San Jose, Calif. when the pilot reported problems with one of the plane's two generators, said airline spokesman Jack Evans.
The plane was equipped with an auxilliary generator that is used when the aircraft is taxiing and if one of the main generators shuts down, but Evans said the auxillary generator was out of service. Evans said the plane's one working generator provided electricity.
Evans said the pilot told officials at the airport control tower that the plane would not be making an emergency landing. But airport officials decided to dispatch emergency vehicles to meet the plane.
Credit: Seattle Times staff reporter.

Though the agencies are not immediately identified as a participant, that activity or series of incidents - all happening on the same day which strains the concept of coincidence - is 'well within the capabilities of government security agencies' to orchestrate; at issue is whether the betrayal in December 2000 really was an Army effort or the outcome of a larger 'command collaboration.'

Your awareness is greatly appreciated; please forward this blogspot or reference as may be of interest.

Was the famous death of JonBenet Ramsey CIA orchestrated – it certainly exposed all the hallmarks of a CIA media structure now gone even more extreme in Thai child molesting. Touch every damn base on that homerun. But if her death was orchestrated, how much of her life was orchestrated[?]; the whole child-fashion show or beauty queen thing was a structural requirement in turn reflecting a "proximate duplicity" or the particular betrayal - in her case long term - leading to the death. The mother recently died [2006], and its possible they pulled some kind of trade to buy her [the mother/wife figure] a few more years. Objectively viewed, ‘Operation JonBenet’ actually met or exceeded the Jennifer Wilbanks criteria [Operation Runaway Bride].

Bryan Adrian typically provides insights on the mechanics of CIA penetration and utilization of computer monitoring in backdoor management of government entities. With commentary on JonBenet’s whole contrived ‘persona’ which he suggests is satanic. Is Adrian a subject matter expert in the field[?] – yes, but only because they made him one. Giving somebody street creds is probably the highest form of flattery, be it in vampires or Satanism [Adrian only notes incidents of possible proximity to werewolves as opposed to real familiarity or even 'pattern recognition']. Actually, his is a particularly arcane specialty – ‘vampires, Satanism, unicorns [where it all began] and remote monitoring of sub-articulated thought’ – in government and government support structures including the NGO community. Perhaps not surprisingly he ended up blacklisted. A couple times his dad - long associated with the CIA, including through training foreign pilots and apparent operational deployments - told him ‘the Jews have a little black book, and if they put your name in it you’ll never get a job’ – which the dad might have seen coming; perhaps that was a warning though Bryan [led to work as an 'office professional' with choice assignments and now blacklisted as a temp] hadn’t understood it to be a warning at the time [which incidentally is typical. Forget what you think you know about spying – the CIA is really a huge infrastructure for situational dominance rolling forward on 1. corruption and 2. duplicity and 3. careful documentation of methods number 1 and 2. They will readily turn people close to you – their specialty – but then get confused when you have trouble understanding the message they tried to send because their messenger – though close to you – what not somebody significant enough in your life for the message to be acted upon or given any priority].

Is the larger point about ‘blacklisting’ true. We think so – a guy named John on the street in Washington 2005 claimed to have been victimized in it as an accountant forced into indentured servitude [working in the New York area only for Jews and only in fairly menial jobs paying $35,000 until he finally figured out it was a racket]. Apparently his family was Scottish and comes from near where the Balfour Declaration was written which he felt figured into the Jewish manipulation issue. They had his sisters marry into the structure which only made it worse and he was trying to flee the country, hoping to go to Scotland where he had a citizenship claim.
Judy Cunningham attacked in Carbondale Illinois currently holding menial jobs as a nurse in New York is similarly treated [credentials arbitrarily revoked without explanation or appeal].

NOW – Bryan Adrian is blacklisted and an old CIA guy he knows told him the structure is run by the NSA which [we] feel is hugely counterintuitive in that it suggests the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY has a capability to both monitor domestic nongovernmental employment and to act in making sure their edict is clear to the company hiring [or not hiring in Bryan’s case]. Both a surveillance capability and a street enforcement capability leaving you to wonder why the CIA isn’t doing that as opposed to the NSA. One guess is that the CIA ultimately conceded NSA computer capabilities were forever going to be superior given their legitimate operational needs and doesn’t try to compete with them on an uneven playing field; at least for domestic blacklist purposes the NSA monitoring is probably fed to the CIA enforcement capability on the street. More interesting – did the CIA guy kicking through government on temporary computer assignments actually set up backdoor feeds to the CIA or NSA or both – does the NSA effectively compile the data the CIA uses to run government, perhaps in a monthly report or something. Why monthly – could be daily. HUMOR – that would hugely trivialize all the post-9/11 reforms and ‘improvements’ made to the structure of government security agencies and the way they operate – turns out they were clicking together just fine the whole time. More ominous – the Jews have a significant claim on the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY.

Again, your awareness is appreciated.

Notes on Known or Defined Medical Transplant Process

Surgeons Perform 1st U.S. Hand Transplant
Dr. Warren Breidenbach and Dr. Jon Jones Jr. answer questions Tuesday about the first hand transplant in the United States. (Reuters)

In a single incident late 1990s [winter], 1200 soldiers were killed and laid out wrapped in plastic on an 'unimproved road' apparently at Fort Benning Georgia. The bodies were then cut up, body parts put through a 'cure' or restoration process, and the body parts were apparently reused in reconstructed body forms. Hand and face transplants 'pseudo-officially' date to the time period, though in reality appear to have been undertaken by agency specialists years previous.

The human form is animated by an electrical essence, and this blogspot does NOT really examine the second half of the paradigm - what happened to the human essence of the twelve hundred guys [which would be a Peter Bis issue; it is possible to discern a generalized overview of the marco process at the bottom of, a 'once fairly linear' site now unfortunately cluttered with surveillance reports and risk mitigation issues].

Here we simply try to define what we know, and welcome your awareness.

Surgeons Perform 1st U.S. Hand Transplant, John Schwartz, Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, January 26, 1999; Page A2

Surgeons in Kentucky yesterday completed the first hand transplant ever attempted in the United States, attaching the left hand of a cadaver to the arm of a New Jersey man who lost his appendage in a firecracker accident 13 years ago.

The transplanted hand became pink and showed very preliminary signs that the connected blood vessels were doing their job following the 15-hour operation at Louisville Medical Center. But doctors cautioned that it was too early to tell whether the procedure was a success or how much use the recipient, Matthew David Scott, 37, would attain.
"In an ideal situation he would be able to make a fist," said Warren C. Breidenbach, who led the Louisville surgical team. "He would be able to pick up a tennis ball, pick up a glass, or open a door."
Breidenbach stressed, however, that "it would not be a normal hand . . . assuming he could play the piano before, he would not be able to play the piano afterward." Scott will probably never button his shirt collar with that hand, or use its fingers to pick up a penny.

The operation prompted criticism from other experts in the field, who questioned whether the benefits outweighed the substantial risks. Scott will have to take powerful, potentially dangerous anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life.

Doctors rushed Scott into surgery Sunday night when the donor's hand became available. After giving Scott anesthesia, the doctors applied a special tourniquet to stop blood flow to his arm and dissected the arm to the bone. They connected the arm's exposed bones to those on the donor hand with metal plates. They then attached the tendons, testing each flexor tendon with a tug that twitches a finger. After attaching the tendons, the surgeons stitched tiny nerves together under powerful microscopes, then the arteries and veins.
After those connections were completed, the doctors released the tourniquet and made sure blood was flowing through the vessels before closing the skin.

Transplants involving internal organs have become almost commonplace, but medical experts say hands present special problems because they are made up of so many different types of tissue. A team of doctors from Louisville's Jewish Hospital, the private hand surgery practice Kleinert, Kutz and Associates, and the University of Louisville performed the surgery. The group, which has been working toward this procedure for three years, included reconstructive and transplant surgeons, immunologists, pathologists, pharmacologists, psychologists and basic science researchers.
The Louisville team announced last year that it was going to perform a hand transplant, but was beaten by an international team of surgeons in France who in September 1998 attached a cadaver's hand to the forearm of Clint Hallam, a 48-year-old Australian whose hand had been cut off in a New Zealand prison accident with a circular saw. Hallam has gained some movement in the hand.

CNN; Face transplants inch toward reality, University of Louisville doctors to seek ethics review of surgery. Wednesday, May 26, 2004 Posted: 6:16 PM EDT (2216 GMT)
(CNN) -- Doctors in Kentucky have begun preparing a document to be submitted to an ethics panel at the University of Louisville School of Medicine seeking permission to perform a face transplant, the lead researcher in the endeavor told CNN.
"We are in the process of doing that," Dr. John Barker, director of plastic surgery research at the University of Louisville, said Tuesday. "We have a team of about 16 or 17 people."
The radical procedure, intended for patients with severe disfigurement, has not been attempted before, though doctors in the past have successfully reattached faces to patients after accidents.
The development was first reported in the May 29 issue of New Scientist magazine.....
The idea is that this CNN article MIGHT POSSIBLY [perhaps, maybe] reflect a CIA interface, at least to the extent the Agency feels they've passed a tipping point in undertaking a second generation medical procedure.

..........The surgery renewed medical debate over the advisability of attempting such pioneering procedures.
"Yes, we need to be doing this kind of surgery - that's clear-cut," said Vincent R. Hentz of Stanford University Medical School, president of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. "The real question is, is now the proper time for this kind of procedure?"

Hentz said that surgical techniques and the drugs for immune system suppression have not improved markedly over the past 10 years, but that many in the profession expect both to jump forward in the near future. "Why not wait until this next generation, since the target audience for all this are basically well people? They have lost something, but they are not ill."
Scott's anti-rejection drugs, the same used in kidney transplantation, can cause widespread side effects that include high blood pressure, increased risk of infection, diabetes, damage to the liver and kidneys, increased risk of cancers and hand tremors. The doctors are using less aggressive dosing than they would for other organ transplants, reducing the risk of drug damage but raising the potential for Scott's body to reject the hand.

Breidenbach said the debate is good for medicine because "it allows the public, mainly prospective patients, to hear that debate" so that they don't have unrealistic expectations.
Doctors were exhausted after the long procedure, and Scott was groggy. Linda McGinity Jackson, a spokeswoman for the transplant team, said when she visited Scott's room "he gave me a thumbs up and smiled," she said, quickly adding that he gestured with his good hand.

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BBC News; Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 November 2005, 17:46 GMT
Woman has first face transplant
Surgeons in France have carried out the first face transplant, it has been reported.
The woman had lost her nose, lips and chin after being savaged by a dog.

In the controversial operation, tissues, muscles, arteries and veins were taken from a brain-dead donor and attached to the patient's lower face.

Doctors stress the woman will not look like her donor, but nor will she look like she did before the attack - instead she will have a "hybrid" face.

It has been technically possible to carry out such a transplant for some years, with teams in the US, the UK and France researching the procedure.

Skin from another person's face is better for transplants as it will be a better match than skin from another part of the patient's body, which could have a different texture or colour.
But the ethical concerns of a face transplant, and the psychological impact to the patient of looking different has held teams back.

Concerns relating to immunosuppression, psychological impact and the consequence of technical failure have so far prevented ethical approval of the procedure in the UK, though doctors here are fully able to perform transplants.

'Gravely disfigured'
The 38-year-old French patient, from the French town of Valenciennes, underwent extensive counseling before her operation.
The operation took place over the weekend in Amiens, and is believed to have lasted approximately five hours.
The French magazine Le Point reports that the tissues, muscles, arteries and veins needed for the transplant were taken from a multi-organ donor in the northern city of Lille, who was brain-dead.
The operations were carried out by a team led by Professor Bernard Devauchelle and Professor Jean Michel Dubernard.
In a statement, the hospital said the woman had been gravely disfigured in the attack in May this year.
She has been unable to speak or eat properly since.
It added that the woman - who wishes to remain anonymous - was in "excellent general health" and said the graft looked normal....

Live donors
Like any other transplant patient, the woman will have to take immunosuppressant drugs to help her body cope with the donated tissue.
Doctors working in the field say many could benefit from the procedure, including 10,000 burns victims in the UK.
Iain Hutchison, an oral-facial surgeon at Barts and the London Hospital, said: "This is the first face transplant using skin from another person."
But there are medical, and ethical, concerns of facial transplants.

Mr Hutchison, who is chief executive of Saving Faces - the Facial Surgery Research Foundation, warned blood vessels in the donated tissue could clot, the immunosuppressants could fail - and would increase the patient's risk of cancer."
Mr Hutchison added there were ethical and moral issues around donating facial tissue.
"Where donors would come from is one issue that would have to be considered.
"The transplant would have to come from a beating heart donor. So, say your sister was in intensive care, you would have to agree to allow their face to be removed before the ventilator was switched off."
Stephen Wigmore, chair of British Transplantation Society's ethics committee, said: "The extent of facial expression which will occur in the long term is unknown.
"The skin tends to promote rejection by the immune system very strongly and immunosuppression is likely to need to be kept at high levels for prolonged periods of time.
"It is not clear whether an individual could be left worse off in the event that a face transplant failed."
Mr Michael Earley, a member of the Royal College of Surgeon's facial transplantation working party, said: "If successful, this is a major breakthrough in facial reconstruction.
"It appears that this has been a partial face transplant incorporating the nose and lips; therefore issues relating to similarity in appearance between donor and recipient are unlikely to be a major problem.


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